Rolls of Vinyl

Dyed Vinyl

Dyed vinyl is a solid color that is cut into individual shapes or letters. The term vinyl decals usually refers to this material. It last around 8 years and sometimes much more.

Printable Vinyl Roll

Printable Vinyl

Printable vinyl is a large sheet of white vinyl that has been formulated to accept special inks. The inks used are solvents and really bite into the material to make a printed product that can last for years outdoors. Printed vinyl allows us to utilize pictures and many different colors and can also be cut to shape. It can last up to 7 years and is normally laminated to protect it from UV and scratches.

Window Vinyl Film

Perforated Vinyl

Perforated vinyl, often referred to as window film, is made up of a special vinyl with a black adhesive and white printable surface. This combination creates a tint like effect on windows that allows one to see out of the window but not in. It is used to “print” pictures on windows.


Alumalite Sheets


Alumalite is a sign board made from two sheets of aluminum sandwiching some corrugated plastic. This makes it extremely rigid,  durable, and light weight. It can last 10+ years outdoors and is the ideal material for many flat signs.

White Aluminum Sheets

Aluminum Sheets

These rolled aluminum sheets are powder coated on each side to make them an attractive choice for small signs. They are durable and can last years outdoors. The aluminum sheets can be bent so they are best used on flat surfaces or in small sizes.

Coroplast Sheet

Coroplast or Cor-X

Coroplast is a lightweight material used for temporary signs. It looks like cardboard made from plastic. It is most often used for yard signs and can accept wire stakes that fit into the flutes, or holes, of the cor-x.

Sintra or PVC Sheets


Sintra is a smooth plastic sign board made of a lightweight PVC material. It comes in a variety of thicknesses and makes an excellent substrate for indoor signs. It can be a bit floppy in large sheets and works best supported by a smooth surface.

Foam Board Sheet

Foam Board

Foam board is a sheet of paper covered foam. It is very light weight and works well on easels.

Sheet Magnet Roll


Magnetic sheeting is great for temporary signs on vehicles, metal doors, or refrigerators.

White Acrylic Sheet

Acrylic and Lexan

Acrylic and Lexan are used in light up sign cabinets. They allow the light to shine through the material at night for 24 hour exposure.

Glass Panes


Glass doors and windows make for excellent substrates. Vinyl adheres to them very well and they can be used in place of signs on your building if you have limited space. Logos and hours on your glass door are nearly a requirement for any storefront.

Red Car

Your Car

Vinyl works great on cars! It will not damage the paint and can create the ultimate in mobile advertising. From a small logo on the door to a full wrap, your car be valuable advertising space.