How much does this cost?

Since signs, vehicle graphics, banners, and the like are all custom built to your specifications, the price can vary dramatically. If you have a budget in mind let us know and we can provide options that will work within it.

Will vinyl damage my vehicle?

No. In fact it can help protect your vehicle against the elements, and can be removed cleanly at any time. However, vinyl should not be applied to new paint, or paint that is peeling, as the paint may bond to the vinyl better than the metal.

How do I remove vinyl?

If the vinyl is adhered to a glass surface, a simple razorblade will neatly and easily scrape it off. If the vinyl is on a painted surface, the best way to remove it is to apply heat and peel from the outside edges. It is important that caution is used when heating the surface to prevent burns or bubbling in the paint. Any adhesive left behind can be removed with Goo Gone or citrus based cleaners.

Will magnets damage my paint?

Our magnets are made of the highest quality material and will not damage or scratch your vehicle when used properly. It is important that they are applied to a clean surface and should be removed at least once a week, or after rain or moisture gets on the vehicle. They are intended to be used as a temporary sign and should not be left on for months at a time. For long time use, consider vinyl graphics.

How do I clean my vehicle now that the graphics are on it?

We recommend hand washing with a mild detergent. Power washes and automatic car washes can peel off the vinyl, under some circumstances, and are not recommended. Although, many of our customers have used them without a problem.

Should I clean my vehicle before the install?

Even though we will clean the areas the decals are going on, we do appreciate it if you bring us a fairly clean vehicle. Just don’t have it waxed as it can adversely affect the adhesion. 

My magnet has a curl, and now it won’t lay flat, what can I do?

Magnets have a memory and need to be stored on a flat surface continually so they will lay flat on your vehicle. If you have a curl in the magnet, you can lay it on a flat surface and over time it will flatten back out.

FAQ didn’t solve your problem?

Give us a call at (208) 313-4569 we will be happy to help.