Tenant Sign Face, Building Sign, Door Window Graphics

Many buildings and rental units include a space on a pylon sign by the road. When you have the opportunity to advertise on this sign you can attract a lot of customers very cost efficiently. For a one time cost the sign can provide years of advertising service.

For Tater Tots we also put a sign up on their building, labeled their door, and lettered their van. Putting signs on all of your business property is a great way to get your name out there uniformly. This repetition of your mark is a very effective way to advertise and get people to remember your business.

Our Tasks


Tater Tots provided the design and we digitized it for large scale and sign use.


We produced all of the different signs in house, including; translucent vinyl for the existing tenant sign, printed vinyl for the building door, printed metal sign for building, and the vinyl decals for the van.


We installed all signs and graphics on location


Various signs

Translucent vinyl will allow the lights of the sign cabinet to shine through bright blue at night on the street sign.

Rigid metal signs for years of use on building.

Printed vinyl graphics for both the door and van.


Tater Tots Academy

Tater Tots Academy is a great preschool and daycare! They are very friendly and professional and they provide a great place for your children to learn and play safely.

They are located in Shelly Idaho at: 666 North State St, and can be reached by phone at 208-357-2222.