Big Sky Mini Golf Construction

This truck shows how effective a wrap can be at adverting for your business. Wraps gives you a lot of freedom in design and will really make your vehicle stand out on the road. Everyone will take notice of this truck when it drives by!

Wraps also provide a additional level of professionalism to your business. When you pull up in your wrapped vehicle people know you are serious about your business.

Our Tasks


Big Sky provided their logo and we applied the design to the truck.


We printed this full color wrap in house


We installed this wrap in Idaho falls


Truck Wrap Film

This full color vehicle wrap printed on a high performance 3m Cast vinyl for years of service.


Big Sky Miniature Golf Construction

Big Sky creates miniature golf courses all around the country. They do fantastic work and make beautiful indoor and outdoor courses.

You can find them online or reach them at 508-274-1842. They are based out of Alpine WY.