Banner Installed on a Wall

How to Hang a Banner on a Wall

Walls and other flat surfaces are the perfect place to hang a banner. Because of the support provided the banner they will last along time and they will be able to hold up in much stronger winds. Installing the banner on a piece of plywood will provide similar benefits and allow a bit of portability and placement flexibility. Installing on a building or flat surface is also the easiest way to display your banner.

Tools and parts required

  • Your new Banner
  • Fasteners: choose appropriate fasteners for your building. Wood screws, sheet metal screws, or concrete screws will cover about any install.
  • Fender Washers: The big washers with a small hole in the middle
  • Ladder
  • Drill: to drive the fasteners and pre-drill holes if required. If you are installing the banner on a brick building a hammer drill may be required.
  • Level or measuring tape

Step 1:

Pick the location you want the banner and look at it from a distance to make sure nothing is obstructing the view. Measure the place where you want the banner to ensure it will fit.

Step 2:

Find the center point on your wall and mark it. Measure the length of your banner and divide it by half.  From the center point of the wall measure half the length of the your banner to the right and mark this place as well. From your second mark measure up to the where you would like the top corner of your banner to be.

Step 3:

The final mark made is where the top right corner of the banner should be fastened. You can fasten this spot now making sure you use a fender washer between the screw and the banner.


Step 4:

Grabbing the unfastened top corner pull the banner tight (the banner material should be pulled very tight like a drum) and align the top edge with a level, measuring tape, or an existing line on the building if one exists, for example brick or siding. Once the banner is tight and level fasten the other top corner.

Step 5:

Now that the two top corners are fastened and the banner is level you can start on the bottom two corners. Pull them tight and fasten them one at a time. Once these corners are complete the banner should be tight and level with NO wrinkles. If you have some wrinkles in the banner at this point you will need to remove one of the offending corners, pull it tight and refasten it.

Step 6:

Now that the banner is square and tight on the building you will need to put a fastener every two feet along all 4 edges to make sure it can withstand the wind.


Wind can make a banner install very difficult so it is best to do this on a calm day.

Grommets: Banners can come with or without grommets. When installing the banner on a wall with fender washers it is much easier to install without grommet and the install will actually last longer without them. The grommets limit the places you can put fasteners and this can make things difficult, and they will not provide any additional strength when washers are used. When you are installing without grommets you just drive the screw right threw the hemmed corners of the banner and make sure the washer is holding the banner tight. Turner Sign Co. can produce your banner with or without grommets on your request.